Manning Entertainment Centre and Regional Gallery Event Guide




In a joint project, both the Manning Entertainment Centre and the Manning Regional Gallery wanted to combine their events for the 2019 season into one publication. This was both a cost-saving exercise and an excellent way to cross-promote each other’s events for the year. Each were to take one half of the brochure, with a cover at either end. The brief was to create something that reflected their creativity in a bold and colourful way. The brochure was to be produced in two editions, covering each half of the year.


The brochures used opposite colours – orange and blue for January to June and lime and purple for July to December – to clearly differentiate the two entities. Due to the recent 30th anniversary celebrations, there was a subtle nod to the 80s in the design. Triangles, stripes and hand-drawn textures were used to create strong shapes and interest. 2019 was used boldly on the covers for additional impact.